How long is all this stuff supposed to last anyway?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how long components are supposed to last. I hit two big milestones this year that have fueled this internal speculation, my fixed gear and road bike surpassed 10,000 miles each and I’m working if it’s time to start replacing critical components?

My fixed gear kind of took care of itself when I cracked the bottom bracket shell. I subsequently removed all the components and sold what I could. Right now all I have left is the wheels, a set of CR18/Formula hub fixed gear wheels with about 12,000 miles on the clock. The bottom bracket, crankarms and pedals; each of which has the same mileage. I think I’ll keep the wheel since their resale value is fairly low and they’ve proven to be reliable and easy to work on. Not as clear what to do with the drivetrain items. I may use them to build up this GTB frame I have but I’m kind of indecisive.

A little less clear on my road bike. Should I replace the handlebars? Should I replace the crankset? I need to really inspect both and then make a choice I guess.


The comment below was posted in response to this article and I thought it was really interesting to see one users input of how long they expect/experienced the lifespan of different components.



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