2014 Review


2014 Cal

This is one of my favorite functions of Veloviewer, you can chart your Strava activities by several dozen different parameters. This graph is 2014 with rides charted by distance and date. I really hit a consistent stride from mid-February to Mid-April when I was riding exactly an hour every day at lunch. This helped a bunch during my early road races but as my passion for that style of racing fizzled out so did my consistency. Overall I had a really good year, but it was pretty much all on the track and in the woods.


This is a breakdown of my mountain bike riding.


This is road cycling.


This is fixed/SS, although this is not really representative as I only had a fixed gear during from the start of the year until I broke the bottom bracket at the end of October right before the Samurai Hill race. After which I only had a single speed. Still working on getting a fixed gear up and running. Not sure what was with the huge break over the summer? I think I just didn’t like the 52/20 ratio and preferred to ride my road bikes.

Fixed SS

And here’s the track. It’s funny how little I rode for the massive amount of enjoyment I got out of it.


This is a summary of what I rode for the year. I’m blown away by how many bikes I got to ride and how many good deals I lucked into.

Gear Summary

Here’s a list of the races I did:

  • Georgia Gran Prix Road Race (GTR 4) March 30
  • Foothills Road Race (GTR 4) April 6
  • 3 Hours of Payne (Tequesta) April 19
  • 3 Hours of Raisin Woods (450HT) June 7
  • Dingo Days of Summer Day 1 (GTR 4) June 28
  • Outback Omnium at the DLV (Pre-Cursa) July 12
  • Georgia Games MTB Race (450HT) July 13
  • 3 Hours of Tacos (450HT) July 26
  • Georgia Cup Road Race (GTR 4) August 3
  • 3 Hours of Thunder (450HT) September 13
  • 10 Other DLV Race Days (Pre-Cursa) May-July
  • Samurai Hill Challenge October 25 (GTR 4 50×18)

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