2013 Review

STRAVA! After years of waiting and then purposefully ignoring I finally got a smart phone to record my rides. Pretty much the best thing ever! I’m not super into the social/competitive aspects so most of my excitement was from the fact that I was able to finally record my rides without having to manually route each ride in MapMyRide.

2013 Cal


This year was kind of weird. I started off with only a fixed gear, rode 12 metric centuries with it and then at the end of April I got a road bike and rode that pretty exclusively until August when I started training with the fixed gear for the Alabama Road Race Championship.

Sometime in October or November I purchased a much too small mountain bike and ended up spending most of December in the woods. I was so floored by mountain biking I had a huge December with 52 hours!

Here’s my Road cycling for the year:

Road 13

Here’s my fixed riding for the year, I really regret that big gap as riding fixed is an excellent training tool that I just didn’t use as much as I should have:

Fixed 13

And here’s my mountain biking for the year:

MTB 13

I did a ton of races this year, I was so into being a road racer for some reason? So into having “race days” and just driving all over the goddamn Southeast for a 2-3 hour race.

05/18/2013 – Gainesville Gran Prix | CCR
05/18/2013 – Gainesville Gran Prix | ITT
05/19/2013 – Gainesville Gran Prix | RR
05/26/2013 – Southeast Regional Series: Event #1 Begin, Believe | RR | Srs
05/28/2013 – AMP Cycling Series | CRITERIUM
06/11/2013 – AMP Cycling Series | CRIT
06/15/2013 – Georgia State Championship road Race | RR | Open
06/18/2013 – AMP Cycling Series | CRIT
06/23/2013 – Southeast Regional Series: Event #2 Montgomery | RR
06/25/2013 – AMP Cycling Series | CRIT
07/06/2013 – Georgia Games | ROAD RACE
07/07/2013 – Georgia Games | CRITERIUM
07/13/2013 – Dingo Days of Summer Criterium Weekend – Flowery Branch/Oakwood | CRIT
07/14/2013 – Dingo Days of Summer Criterium Weekend – Flowery Branch/Oakwood | CCR
07/16/2013 – AMP Cycling Series | CRIT
07/20/2013 – French Broad Cycling Classic-2013 | RR
08/17/2013 – Litespeed BMW Twilight Criterium | CRITERIUM
08/24/2013 – Village Volkswagen River Gorge | RR
09/08/2013 – AL State RR Championship | Road Race
09/15/2013 – Southeast Regional Series: Event #5 Greenville | RR
09/17/2013 – AMP Cycling Series | CRIT

I raced a couple of alleycats as well. I’m still pissed they keep rescheduling the Peachtree bash and I keep missing it due to other races.

  • NHLB A Fucking Bike Race: 1st Fixed
  • Blackcat Alleycat: DNF

It’s kind of funny that these two races served as bookends to my season. I was full of fire for the first race in April and went all out for the race, took that momentum into the USAC road season and had a pretty good first year. Second race in Ocotober I DNF’d and was so completely blown in that first hour I just stopped pedaling, started texting my girlfriend to make arrangements and rode to the nearest Marta station where I changed in a bathroom and went out and got smashed.


I was so blown by the time October rolled around. I might have been over-training or over reaching but I’m not 100% sure. I guess I felt ok at the time but I was 100% out of it during the late fall/early winter.


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