2012 Review

Here’s a chart of my 2012 Rides. 256 rides in 366 days; it’s not broken out by bike because for most of the year I only had one. Sometime in late October I broke the bottom bracket shell on my fixed conversion and had to get a replacement frame from Nashbar. I got an employee discount so it was actually a pretty good deal.

Mileage 2012

I think this chart is really interesting in comparison to 2013 & 2014. I didn’t have a job until the start of September and I only had a fixed gear so my riding was both limited and unlimited. Riding exclusively fixed gives you a real appreciation for the hills so this year was both my most exploratory and my most researched. I was still getting used to the cycling flow of Gwinnett county so my routes always had some roads I was unfamiliar with but over time I got to the point where I would troll around Ride With GPS trying to find the longest or best (whatever that means) routes with the least climbing.

It’s funny to think this entire year was spent in either 46/18 or 46/17. I did 4 alley cat races and won one of them, which got me pretty hooked. Actually I won 2 but I’ll need to make a separate post for the Black Cat Alleycat since that deserves an asterisk.

  • Broken Hearts & Bicycle Parts 8
  • Hellcat Alleycat 2 in Jacksonville, FL
  • NHLB Peachtree Bash
  • Black Cat Alleycat



Went from flat pedals with straps to clipless and upgraded from a steel frame/fork to a modern aluminum frame and carbon fork.

The two highest dots represent a failed fixed century where I bonked/under-hydrated/etc. and a completed fixed century where I succeeded in riding from my house to Athens, GA and back. Both were really good experiences.



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