New shoes!

Cycling shoes lead such a tragic life. They start out so clean and perfect but always end up completely destroyed after only a few years.

These shoes were “titanium white” when new, pictured below after three years and around 20,000 miles. These are the short lived Sidi Nevada, a limited run to test the budget market that didn’t work out for whatever reason. I really like these shoes. They took a little while to get adjusted properly but I actually think that was more to do with a strength/fit issue than anything with the actual shoes. Once fitted properly they’ve given me no problems. I won my first race with these and have raced everything from alleycats to road races to check point challenges. I’ve even traipsed up and down the super-long stairway at the Peachtree Center Marta station because I wanted to do a NHLB race and didn’t have anyway to get there otherwise.


They’ve been nothing but perfect as far as fit, however I stripped a screw plate early in their life and since I can’t source a replacement and I’m tired of messing around trying to gently replace the specific screw every time I replace the cleats I decided to just get some new shoes and be done with it. Especially now that I live on a third floor walk-up which is wicked hard on cleats. New pair is pictured below, these are the UK brand dhb’s entry level road shoe; the R1.0



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