Camp Thunder – Preparation

I didn’t quite prepare for this race as well as I should have. I think it was a week or two before the race that I finally looked at the course profile and was blown away by what I saw:

1-7-2015 1-03-18 PM

Lots of climbing, lots of descending! All of the sudden I was much more concerned with my weight and overall fitness. My plan was the same simple non-plan I almost always have. Ride a lot with long rides on the weekend. Here’s how the four weeks leading up to the race went (furthest from the race to closest to the race):

1-7-2015 1-08-32 PM

Here’s the activity listing from VeloViewer. I’m pretty surprised by just how little I rode my mountain bike and how I didn’t ride at the track at all. About eight and a half hours for the month before the race. Hmm.

1-7-2015 1-10-57 PM

Also noteworthy that I had 2 rides over 5 hours and 4 rides over 3 hours. This was most likely one of the major pillars of my training program. I didn’t do any group rides and I didn’t ride fixed or single speed at all. The other major thing that helped me was the unintended recovery week (6 days) the week before the race. I had a saddle sore so I just kind of deflated from riding, missed the track omnium and just rested with some light walking. Speaking of which, once I saw the course climbs I decided to do a little “race walking” with my bike to practice dismounting, walking and remounting. I did this only a few times since I didn’t ride my mountain bike much before the race but I think it helped a lot and I plan to incorporate this into my preparations for races in the future. I think it will help not only with the really steep climbs but with the inevitable bottlenecks that come at the beginning of races and during steep transitions.