DLV Tuesday Racing #2

Today was pursuit night at the Dick Lane Velodrome. I signed up for the 1K and 3K TTs. Felt really shitty for the 1K, I’ve been taking this Z-Core PM and I think the melatonin is just hitting me super hard. Felt ok during the actual effort but had to pretty much stop coming out of tun 2, which is right before the finish due to the holder accidentally setting up the next rider on the track early. Oops.

But I didn’t hit anyone and it was my first attempt so I’m not really bummed. I did a lot better at the 3K anyway. For the 3K I just tried to hold a consistent line and finish strong. I think I did ok, time was in the middle of the field for everyone. I ran a 48/15 gear but I think I need to run something bigger. With the cogs/rings I have now the next step up would be 46/14.


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