DLV Tuesday Racing 5/6/2014

Oh man, racing on the track is almost as fun as mountain bike racing.

This was my first racing day, Tuesday is for Women/Beginners (D)/Masters, the first two of which race together. I got there a little early and spent 30 minutes or so warming up in 48/16. My legs were a little dead feeling from riding earlier in the day but it seemed to go away as I got into my warm-up.

After warming up I did a few laps in 48/15 to get used to my racing gear. Paceline started at 7:00pm and the W/D riders did 20 laps and then went back to the infield while the masters finished their paceline. First race was a 7 lap scratch race. I tried to pay attention to everything and just get the hang of riding with the group. One rider took off near with +2 and had almost half a lap lead when he won. I ended up taking 4th in the bunch sprint.

Next was an unknown distance race. I stayed near the middle of the pack for the first few laps and then kind of floated off the front on accident around lap 6-7. No one reeled me in, very unlike a crit. The bell lap was lap 9 so I tried my best to hold position but ended up getting swarmed and taking 4th, again.

The final race of the night was a 25 lap scratch race with sprints on lap 10 and 20. Ended up 5th again but I did hit my fastest speed and highest RPM of the night on the final sprint.


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