Peachtree Bikes Sandy Springs Thursday Ride

Since I moved into the city (well, close to the city) I’ve been trying to ride more group rides. My apartment is 3 miles east of Atlanta Cycling and 3 miles west of the Sandy Springs Peachtree Bikes so there are at least a few options.
I decided to try the Peachtree Bikes ride first since the route covers a lot of roads I’m familiar with. Since today was a little cooler with a fair amount of wind, turnout was a little low. We left a little later with 5 riders. Everyone was nice and the ride moved along at a decent speed and felt pretty safe.
Managed to knock out a pretty decent interval heading up the hill on Long Island near the end of the ride. I wonder why sometimes I feel so much better after an hour of hard riding? I can almost always put in a great dig after an hour or two but trying to do the same effort at 15 or 30 minutes and I’m just flat.
Not much to do other than ponder about it since I don’t have a power meter.
After the ride I went to my girlfriends apartment and had some awesome gnocchi and red wine. A pretty good day.




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